You’ll Be In Good Company

Our student’s powerful stories and successes areimportant to our organization.

Step Ahead gave me the tools and support I needed to succeed in the college admission process. My advisor made a process that is typically grueling and stressful much easier and more manageable. With her help I was able to find the colleges that matched me as a student and individual. She helped me speak in the language of college applications, write from my heart, and avoid cliches. With regular meetings, deadline reminders, personal help navigating some of the difficult forms and webpages, and essay edits, I showed my best self to the schools I was passionate about, and found (and got admitted to!) the college that makes me incredibly excited for the next chapter of my life.


Sage International School

The single most important thing Step Ahead Idaho did for me was bringing to my attention the idea of “meet need” schools. While not being a school I ended up attending, discovering the existence of these types of universities made me take a longer look at the money I was looking to spend and ultimately guided me away from those that had less bang for their buck.

Gavin M

Meridian High School

I will be forever grateful to the open, friendly, and knowledgeable ladies at Step Ahead. The college application process can feel totally overwhelming at times, so it was so nice to have experts who knew what they were doing giving me encouragement and keeping me on track. Step Ahead was the first to introduce me to the idea of “meet-need schools”, which allowed me to widen the net of colleges I was looking at and prevented me from having to take out loans for an undergraduate education. I attended their summer essay boot camp, which is a must for any rising senior. They helped me with almost every part of the application process, and kept me motivated even when spring semester rolled around. Thank you, Step Ahead!


Boise High School