We provide honest, supportive and experienced perspective to each student's school search.

Our Services

student viewing step ahead idaho website width=Some or all of the following services are available to clients of Step Ahead Idaho. The cost of services varies and depends on the amount of time required to effectively advise each student.

  • Academic advising to choose classes for the remainder of high school to meet requirements of the most selective schools of interest to the student
  • Activities advising to find a focus and make the most of summer activity choices
  • Resumé writing including athletic or arts profiles
  • Creating a list of colleges to find "best fit" and identify reach, match and safety schools
  • Planning college visits and how to get the most out of them
  • Assessing standardized test scores and planning future test dates and study strategies
  • Helping student interpret results of career interest and aptitude surveys
  • Discussing teacher recommendations and how and when to ask for them
  • Assisting student in communicating with their guidance counselor requesting recommendations, transcripts and school profile
  • Developing and editing essays
  • Assisting with the Common Application and supplements or college-specific applications
  • Setting up organization systems including files for paperwork, creating document folders online, and setting up email folders; recommend methods for working with files for academic accomplishments and awards, activities, art portfolios, athletic recruiting information, interviews, schools visits
  • Setting up a calendar with reminders for key dates including testing, application and financial aid deadlines and prompts for actions like requesting teacher recommendations and sending test scores
  • Discussing strategies for applying early decision and early action
  • Preparing student for interviews
  • Completing college comparison spreadsheet
  • Researching scholarships; school specific, local, state, national, merit
  • Evaluating financial aid needs and expected family contribution
  • Comparing financial aid packages using a spreadsheet
  • Deciding how to respond to waitlisting or between multiple admissions offers
  • Reviewing admissions decision with student and parents

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Open Hourly Rate

Our open hourly rate is $125 and can include any services mentioned above or on our website.

Sliding Fee Structure

Step Ahead Idaho wishes to provide college advising to families at a reasonable price. Our sliding fee structure is below. If you think you may qualify for a reduced rate for services, please contact us.

Annual IncomeMonthly IncomeHourly RateJump-Start Me PackageEssay Only/Essay PlusBasic PackageBasic Plus, Athlete or Artist Package
0- $40,000 $0- $3,333 $12.50 $25 $40 / $80 $150 $300
$40,000- $60,000 $3,333- $5,000 $31.25 $62.50 $150 / $300 $500 $750
$60,000- $70,000 $5,000- $5,833 $50 $100 $240 / $480 $800 $1200
$70,000- $80,000 $5,833- $6,666 $68.75 $137.50 $330 / $660 $1100 $1650
$80,000- $90,000 $6,666- $7,500 $87.50 $175 $420 / $840 $1400 $2100
$90,000- $100,000 $7,500- $8,333 $106.25 $212.50 $510 / $1020 $1700 $2550
$100,000 and up $8,333 and up $125 $250 $600 / $1200 $2000 $3000

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