My College Bucket List


My College Bucket List

The more accurately you can describe the things that matter to you in your college experience, the more likely you are to apply to schools that have those qualities. Here are some things you might want to consider as you build your ideal college profile.

1. Within an hour’s drive of campus, I’d love to have:

A ski area
A hiking trail
A beach
A climbing area
A river to run

What’s your outdoor thing? ___________________________________

A professional sports team
A world-class art or other museum
A concert hall with world-class symphony, opera, theater or ballet A concert venue that attracts top popular artists

What’s your cultural thing? ___________________________________

A vibrant restaurant scene; my favorite cuisine is ____________________

A hospital for shadowing, interning, or research
A strong tech industry for work experience
A political center where I can see government at work
A cultural community to expand my art
A varied socio-economic community to engage in volunteering
What’s your work/career experience need? ________________________
An airport with a direct flight home
An international airport so I can get out of the country cheaply
A medical center with services for my particular needs
What would make college more comfortable/exciting for you? ___________

2. Geographic: Circle regions/climates you would consider:
• Rural: (small town)
• Suburban (near a large city, but not in it)
• Urban (college in a major city)
Pacific Coast States    Rocky Mountain States    Southwestern States    Midwestern States  Southern States  New England  Middle Atlantic   Outside of the US  Sun  Heat  Rain  Cold Beach  Mountains

3. Co-education or Single Sex

Men    Women

4. Admission Difficulty?

Most selective    Somewhat selective  Less selective

5. Social: Circle the campus feel(s) that matter to you
• Conservative
• Progressive
• Religious
• I’m flexible

6. Size (Circle sizes you feel are best for you)
• Small (Fewer than 3,000 – about 80% of of private colleges in U.S.)
• Medium (3000-10,000)
• Large (10,000-20,000)
• Largest (more than 20,000)

7. Academic Offerings:
Possible Major Interest __________________________________

Possible Careers you’ve considered, if any ______________________

8. Student Body Characteristics: Circle 5-7 that matter most to you
Adventurous  Athletic  Compassionate  Diverse  Focused Idealistic  Laid Back  Motivated  Outdoorsy  Realistic  Sensitive Spontaneous  Traditional  Cultural Activities   Aggressive Balanced  Conservative  Down-to-earth  Friendly Independent Lawful  Nonjudgmental  Patient  Respectful  Serious  Supportive  Unconventional  Ambitious  Career-Oriented Cosmopolitan  Dress-Conscious  Fun  Innovative  Liberal    Open Politically Active Risk-taking  Social   Tightly-Knit Understanding  Learning  Just Because  Artsy  Caring   Creative Energetic  Good Values  Involved  Moral  Opinionated Practical  Scholarly  Spirited  Tolerant

9. Student Life: Circle 5-7 that are important to you

    • Most students live on campus
    • An environmentally active student body
    • Going to athletic games is a big social event
    • Lots of students play intramural sports
    • Specialized programs for LGBTQ students
    • A beautiful campus
    • Easy access to Buildings
    • Strong sense of community
    • I’m recognized outside of classroom
    • Community service/volunteer opportunities
    • Lots of spectator sports
    • Fraternities/Sororities
    • Lots of weekend activities
    • The food is good
    • A safe campus
    • Nice dorms/living spaces
    • Leadership opportunities
    • I don’t feel like a number
    • Very spirited
    • In/Being Comfortable

10. What New Things Do I Want to Try/Experience In College? (List as many as you like)

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