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We’re moving in to our brand new advising center in August of 2018! The new Hillcrest Library site will be a high-energy, resource-filled place for teenagers and their families to come learn about all the things they need to know about college and career training.

Our new space will have a small kitchen supplied with snacks, quiet meeting rooms and active social areas, classrooms for teaching key topics like essay and application writing, as well as an auditorium for larger information sessions on things like financial aid and choosing a college.

What’s missing are all the things that will make our space comfortable for students. If you’d like to sponsor one or more of these items, please choose the items you’d like to help us with, enter that donation amount on our fee page, and post a comment to us telling us which item you are contributing. Please let us know if you’d like to be acknowledged as a donor- we’d love to thank you publicly! We also welcome donations in any amount to help with advising scholarships and other needs.

And thank you so much for your ongoing support for helping us help Idaho students access higher education.

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